Tuesday, December 28, 2010

What’s Inside My Everyday Makeup Bag

I love this kind of post! I've been reading 'What's In My Purse' or 'What's Inside My Makeup Bag' on another blogs, I've been watching it on Youtube for so long, it is so much fun to see what other girls bring with them on daily basis.

These are the products that I carry with me every day, but I switch things up because wearing the same lip color, same eyeshadow, same blush, and same perfume every day is boring!

I got the makeup bag for free when I bought Lux soap and scrub package a long time ago, I love this bag because is clear so I can see exactly all the products. It is easy to clean up, and this bag can handle a lot of things inside.

I always carry hair tie and hair pin, band-aids, Clean and Clear oil blotting sheets, cotton pads and a q-tips. Sometimes I carry nail clipper and nail buffer.

I also carry the lip products that I’m wearing that day.
In picture:
NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss in ‘Natural’
NYX lipstick in “Thalia” ( which is waayy too dark than I expected )
The Body Shop lip balm in “Pink Guava” 

MAC Blot Powder in “Medium”.
MAC blush in “Coygirl” ( pink slightly purple color ).
The Body Shop Matte & Shimmer Cheek Colour No.01 ( This is waaayy to light for me, it doesn’t even show up on my skin, but I still use it for highlight because it has a lovely shimmer in it ).
Dior 5 colours eyeshadow in “Pansies”. Sometime I bring an eyeshadow with me. 

This two MAC products are bought by my sister in Malaysia because MAC price in Indonesia is INSANELY EXPENSIVE ! on their website, MAC single eyeshadow is US $ 14.5 in Indonesia is about US $ 22-25 ! Also I’m afraid to purchase through some random online stores or E-Bay because most of them are clearly fake but they claim it to be autenthic… T_T

This Dior is very old! maybe I should throw it away, my aunt gave it to me because she doesn’t want to use it anymore.

Cheap eyelash curler.
Maybelline Volume Express Mascara.
L’oreal Telescopic Mascara ( the tube is scripped off and looking dirty T_T ).
Revlon liquid eyeliner.
Sometimes I just bring the eyelash curler and leave the rest at home.

L’occitane ‘Candied Rose’ eau de toilette. My aunt bought me this when she was travelled to Europe. Absolutely L’occitane price in Paris is cheaper than in Jakarta.

I bring a lotion with me too, actually this is Vaseline Healthy White SPF 24, but I use the small L’occitane Verbena Body Lotion bottle because the bottle is small so it doesn’t take a lot of space.

I also bring a comb and a cheap blush brush with me to touch up.

What makeup do you bring with everywhere? Leave a comment below, I really love to hear from you :D

Monday, December 27, 2010

What’s Inside My Purse?

These are the things that I carry with me on most days, but sometimes I leave the umbrella or the books at home. You know… sometimes my purse feels sooo heavy !

The purse, I got it from my sister, she bought it when she was backpacking to Malaysia. I also bring a notebook and a pen ( so I can write assignment, test, or anything) , my old purple wallet and ‘Mini Shopaholic’ novel ! Aaaahhh I love Shopaholic Series...sometimes i bring magazine with me, just to kill time.

An umbrella because you never know when you’re going to need it, hand sanitizer to cleans up your hand and kills all the bacteria! A flashdrive thing and an earphone to listen the musics on my phone.

Marc Jacobs ‘Daisy’ eau de toilette that I bought at Changi Airport ( Is my boyfriend’s favorite ! ) and my makeup bag… I bring two bottles of perfumes because I just back from travelling. Usually I just carry one.

Tissue, face wipes, baby wipes, and my oooollllldddddd cellphone which I still really love :D

Tomorrow I will post ' What's Inside My Makeup Bag ' 
I promise... :D

Sunday, December 5, 2010

My Wishlist

This is all the things that I want for Chrismast, New Year, Valentine, or Birthday...or basically just anyday ! feel free to give me ( ahahahahahahahahah !!! )


Monday, September 13, 2010

VMA 2010 - The Worst and The Best Dressed

In this post i will show you my favorite and my least favorite celebrity's look at VMA 2010. So here we go

Best Dressed

1. Ashley Greene

This is my favorite dress hands down, is classy but fun at the same time. Totally VMA appropriate :D

2. Selena Gomez

Selena looks glamour and stunning in this silver dress! the embelishment at her corset-like top give enough drama to the whole look.

3. Kirsten Prout

This is not conventional grecian dress. This short dress is very sexy and somewhat refreshing because we all know the long grecian dress !

4. Emma Stone

I love the way this leather dress fits Emma perfectly, give enough edge while still simple :)

5. Usher
Usher show us how to tone down this suit and take it to the next whole level ! Good job Usher! i love your look !

6. Lady Gaga

Maybe most people will not agree with me, but Lady Gaga is true entertainer. Her look is one of a kind! and Gaga's look always makes me curious!

Worst Dressed !

1. Cher

What the hell she's wearing?

2. Mike "The Situation" Sorentino

His signature pose...very classy right ? eww...!

3. Audrina Patridge 

Don't get me wrong, i love Audrina but this time i think all this bling make she look really tacky

4. Lo Bosworth

Another "The Hills' girl, Lo such a sweet girl but this dress supposed to be worn by woman age 50 ( Samantha Jones everybody? )

5. Kesha 

Everything about Kesha is tacky. Period.

6.  Katy Perry

Katy is my girl, i love her no matter what. We just have different taste in clothes :)

So do you agree ? disagree ? give me your opinion in the comment below :
most of the pictures are from http://www.fabsugar.com/ don't forget to check this site ! it is amazing !

Saturday, September 11, 2010


(Weel excuse my English...)
In this post I will break my favorite looks (and not so favorite!) at that event.
You can all see is all about Chanel classiness and most of the celebs wore Chanel 2.55! how fabulous!
So here are my favorite:

1.       Rachel Bilson

With this tweed mini dress, all I can say is Rachel looks really cute. The fringe and the booties add more something to the overall look. Ponytail and sweet makeup really suit her.

2. Alexa Chung       

This eyelet black and white dress is really girly but when Alexa wear it, it turns out a to be a quirky beauty :D what do you think of her ombre hair? Two tone hair is been everywhere lately

3. Lily Donaldson

Edgy! that is one word I can describe her ! very models off duty look ! but party appropriate. I love her bun too, totally cute on her

4.  Diane Kruger

Lately Diane always wows me! She wears couture like no other. Her Chanel frock  (from fall 2010 collection) really stand out from the crowd

 5. Chanel Iman

The newest member of Victoria’s Secret angel use this brownish grayish flapper dress, very 20’s feeling with modern touch

6.Rachel Zoe

Even though I always think she is too skinny, I still want to steal her tweed jacket and her clutch

7. Liv Tyler

Parisienne meets British (oxford shoes! Duh!) masculine meet feminine, I love her overall look

8. Leighton Meester

Queen B looks adorable with this minis. Her necklace add enough drama to her overall look

9. SJP

One of a kind look. SJP knows how to maintain Carrie Bradshaw inside her ! bravo !

And here is my NOT so favorite

1.       Blake Lively

Poor Blake. Such a beautifull face, such a banging body…you are Anna Wintour's favorite now, but why are you wearing this ugly dress?

2.       Daisy Lowe

Maybe I’m not as edgy as Daisy, but her dress reminds me of rotten underwear and her outerwear is just hideous

So who is your favorite? do not hesitant to comment and give opinion :D

Monday, August 30, 2010

Favorite Dress from 2010 Emmy Awards :D

Excuse my language...my english is not perfect...

Hi everyone...! this is the list of my favorite dress at Emmy Awards 2010 !

Kim Kardashian - Marchesa
This is my favorite of the bunch! Kim sure know how to work her assets, she looks like a Greek goddes

Nina Dobrev - Zuhair Murad
Ah Nina...i really miss her...hope Vampire Diaries start as soon as possible ! Meanwhile i love how this one shoulder dress really flatter Nina's body

Emily Blunt - Christian Dior
The hair and makeup really complementing her pretty pale purple dress

Rose Byrne - Gucci
This is one of a kind dress !!! you all should see the back !!!
Kelly Osbourne -  Tony Ward
Surprisingly skinny Kelly ! she looks ultra feminine and chic in this dress which is a good thing

Anna Paquin - Alexander Mcqueen
No doubt i love this dress, somewhat edgy, somewhat couture, but somehow i think this is not flatter Anna's figure at all

So what do you think girls? which one your favorite? do you agree with my choice? or do you have another favorite?

I didn't win the Maybelline contest T_T

Well, excuse my english...my language is not perfect. 

So here's the thing...last week i saw Maybelline contest on twitter. The prize was a Maybelline mineral powder foundation and fruity jelly lipgloss. I have the powder but i really want the lipgloss ( Sherina looks really cute on the lipgloss print advertising :D ). So the rules were i need to submit the picture of my Maybelline products plus i need to wrote something that show how much i love the products.

I think i did great.

But i didn't win T_T

I saw the pictures of the 5 winners and don't mean to be arogan but... my picture is much better... I feel sad but hey! is just a lipgloss :D i can easily go to the mall and purchase it (but i refuse). So i will wait until the next Maybelline contest... maybe i will win it next time? hopefully ! :D


What do you all think off it? advice is appreciated. :)
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