Monday, August 30, 2010

I didn't win the Maybelline contest T_T

Well, excuse my language is not perfect. 

So here's the thing...last week i saw Maybelline contest on twitter. The prize was a Maybelline mineral powder foundation and fruity jelly lipgloss. I have the powder but i really want the lipgloss ( Sherina looks really cute on the lipgloss print advertising :D ). So the rules were i need to submit the picture of my Maybelline products plus i need to wrote something that show how much i love the products.

I think i did great.

But i didn't win T_T

I saw the pictures of the 5 winners and don't mean to be arogan but... my picture is much better... I feel sad but hey! is just a lipgloss :D i can easily go to the mall and purchase it (but i refuse). So i will wait until the next Maybelline contest... maybe i will win it next time? hopefully ! :D

What do you all think off it? advice is appreciated. :)

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