Monday, January 3, 2011

Fashion Haul From Bandung

I just love to read a shopping hauls from different blogs. I also love watching it on Youtube. Haul video give me an idea about fashion in general ( and how cheap Forever 21 in the States ! jealous... ) So these are the things that I bought while I spent my Christmas in Bandung : )

White shoulder cape/bolero thing. I love this, I can’t wait to wear this, especially on colder weather.

Black loose tanktop with bib detail. I’m planning to wear it maybe on Chinese New Year Party? With grey jeans and black Dr. Martens boots? Too bad I don’t own Dr. Martens ! maybe a regular booties would do.

Pale pink top for everyday class,

Black oversized shirt. This is see-through so I have to use a tanktop inside.

Black oversized top with studs on the neck and shoulder line. (The studs don’t photographed very well though).

White shirt. Just for everyday wear.

Marc by Marc Jacobs shirt. I'm sure this one is not the authentic Marc but I love this ! eventhough it is waaaayyy waaaayyy waaayyyy too big on me ( I should take this to the tailor).

A black pants.

Black cardigan with chiffon detailing on the neckline.

A bandeau top, I try to find it for a long time ! finally I got one ! this is great cover up when I wear low cut V-neck shirt.

Bracelets that I got for free.

A grey jumpsuit… I wonder what if I need to go to the toilet?

A white shirt with pearl button. For office attire.

A black one shoulder dress, I love the frills ! the first time I saw it I knew that I had to have it ! (need to take this to the tailor too, because this dress is slightly loose, especially in waist area).

Blue tank top and pink ruffled skirt that I already wore to the Chismast dinner in Bandung.

Charles & Keith flats. Love the black and white tweed, love the pearls and the ribbon, very Chanel don’t you think?

This is belong to my sister but I’m going to steal it…ahahahahhaah…no, but I’m going to borrow it for sure ! It is oversized with a heavy chain detail on the neckline.

This one is my sister’s too but I’m going to borrow it when when the new semester is start :D

Yeah kinda boring stuff right... XD see yaa !!!


  1. wogh jadi inget waktu pake jumpsuit yahh..ketika urusan WC tiba2 meneror haha..begitulah
    btw..emg u di Bandung pas natal kmrn tinggal di mana ? O.o
    Pas natal u ke Bdg, dan gw malah dr Bdg ke Tangerang :p

  2. gw nginep di hotel apa gitu...lupaaaa... T_T u smpe tgl brp d tngr chie?


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