Friday, January 21, 2011

MAC Powder Blush in “Coygirl” (Sheertone)

This is the first MAC blush I ever bought. Technically my sister bought it for me when she was travelled to Malaysia last year. Coygirl is a medium cool tone pink with a hint of purple in it. MAC has a different finish to their powder blush. Other than sheertone, MAC has a matte finish like “Melba” and “Desert Rose”, Satin finish like “Well Dressed” and “Fleur Power”, sheertone shimmer like “Peachykeen” and “Peachtwist”, also frost finish like “Margin” and “Format”.

No flash

It has a beautiful color, I think this blush will works really well for people with a cool light/medium skin tone.

The packaging quality is wonderful! I dropped it really hard one time, I thought it was going to broke apart into pieces but surprisingly it didn’t! It still perfect!

It has a smooth silky texture that makes me want to buy another color. MAC blush is addicting, and I will totally repurchase this color if I run out of it.

With flash

Because this is sheertone finish, it doesn’t really give too much pigmentation, I should sweep it a few times to get the color shows up on my skin. If you want a great color pay off, just don’t buy MAC sheertone or sheertone shimmer finish. Go for matte, I heard good reviews about it.

The weird thing is, I don’t find this blush to be easy to blend, I don’t know why, maybe my face is too oily or my brush is not a good quality but I never heard other people have the same problem.

This blush is expensive! I hope I can get MAC Procard, so I can get a discount when I shop there. Is USD $18.50 on MAC official website, my sister bought it in Malaysia for a RM 75.00 and in my country, Indonesia? The price is Rp 255.000,-  !!! ( is two hundred fifty five thousand rupiah, in case my numbering make all of you confuse. FYI, we have a different rule with numbering a currency here).

The back

Overall I love this blush and I give it 4 out of 5.
I hope my review is going to be helpful for you all. Excuse my language, I still have a bad grammar T_T because English is my second language. If you have questions or you want to help me fix my grammar in this review then just comment below J


  1. I think Coygirl is super pretty! Don't think it would look good on me, but for lighter skinned ladies I'm sure it would look amazing!

  2. Wow, MAC is so expensive where you are! It's around the same for me, minus around 3 dollars but we generally make up for it with tax! It seems as if the only inexpensive place is US.. which is a shame!
    Thanks for the review! Was thinking of getting a sheertone finish blush but now I'll think twice :P

    xo. Olivia


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