Friday, March 25, 2011

Review of Victoria’s Secret “Pure Seduction” Body Spray and Hand & Body Cream

Victoria’s Secret “Pure Seduction” Refreshing Body Mist

When I was in Changi Airport Singapore a few days back, I decide to tried this Victoria’s Secret stuff. I adore this scent! I love it so much. Very fresh, sweet, and addicting. It contains cassaba melon, plum, and freesia, but personally I smell juicy strawberry and the melon in it. The smell is really strong and fruity when I first spray it onto my skin, but after a few minutes, it changes to this light and airy fruity floral scent. Subtle, delicate and inoffensive for the people around you. Just don’t spray too much because this body spray has amazing sillage. Pure Seduction is great spring/summer fragrance and by the way…my bf loves it too.

The only complain I have about this is the scent doesn’t last long on my skin. I have to re-apply every two hours or so. But that is fine. Every single body sprays in this world will not last on everybody too. If lasting power is very important for you, I suggest buy fragrance in the form of eau de parfum or parfum because they more concentrated and absolutely last longer.

Victoria’s Secret “Pure Seduction” Ultra-Moisturizing Hand and Body Cream

In the store I tried the Pure Seduction body lotion first and I love it. The lotion is very moisturizing, nice consistency, and smells very good, exactly like the body spray. But I decided to buy the hand and body cream because I thought it will moisturize my skin more than the body lotion. The hand and body cream is very rich and of course ticker than the lotion. It makes my skin feels so smooth and silky.

The only thing is, when I first apply, this hand and body cream smells so strong! Very strong! Like a very fruity car freshener! Like something I would use on the floor or toilet! I need to wait a few minutes so the smell settles and fade a little bit. But this one has a great lasting power ( I still can smell it four hours later ). If times can go back, I would choose the body lotion. Not the cream.

What do you think of ‘Pure Seduction’? Or do you prefer “Love Spell”? I love Love Spell too! What is your favorite fragrance from Victoria’s Secret? Or tell me your absolute favorite perfume on the comment below.

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  1. thanks for the review!! iv just been getting into victorias secret

    never smelled this before!!

  2. @for the love of beauty by lara I think you are going to find what you want from VS, they have so many scent to choose :)

  3. I love pure seduction in summers and amber romance in winters.

  4. I'm going to try the amber romance and vanilla lace soon :)

  5. Most of the VS body mist or mist actually does not linger long. Based on my observation.

    discount cologne

  6. Review of vicatorias secret pure products. Useful post


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