Monday, August 29, 2011

The Best & Worst Dresses at VMA 2011

Unfortunately, I’m not satisfy with the way celebrities look at this year VMA, just look at my list! the worst and the undecided looks are so much more than the best looks, let jump into my list, shall we?


beautiful pregnant lady in Lanvin. Congratutalion B!

Zoe Zaldana in Barbara Bui

Pete Wentz

Kim Kardashian. 
She looks gorgeous, she knows what works for her, but I’m dying to see her in other look.

Demi Lovato

Victoria Justice


The hair? Ummm… the dress? No. It didn’t flatter her shape

Miley Cyrus 
Too much, floral print mix with animal print? probably not a good idea

Justin Bieber. 
I do love the YSL jacket, the black shirt, and the geeky glasses, the rest? not so much

Katy Perry
You are a beautiful girl, just stop trying too hard Katy.

Niki Minaj

Lady Gaga/Joe Calderon

Undecided (I don't love it but I don't hate it)

Britney Spears
Better than usual Britney, but not impressive enough.

Kelly Rowland
Somewhat I love this dress, but there is something about it that makes me confuse? It is inspired by the black swan? I don’t know, maybe black duck :D

Katie Holmes
She needs to experiment, this look rather save and boring.

Selena Gomez in Julian Macdonald
It just too mature for her and I think it is going to look more beautiful if it didn’t have a train.

What do you think? who is your favorite? who is your least favorite? are you agree with me? comment below :)


  1. Hi Mel,

    Can i link ur blog??
    I love they way u write things here..^^

    Btw, it's erica here

  2. Hi Erica (or Elrica? I'm confuse), of course you can link my blog and I definitely follow your blog :D

  3. Linked!!

    thanks! ^^

    it's elrica..with an L after the E..^^

  4. suka banget sama dress-nya Beyonce, cantik!
    ngedrop bgt liat sepatunya Katie Holmes, knp dia ga pake pumps aja ya ato heel sandals biar lebih anggun...


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