Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tag! I tag everyone!!!

Hi girls, I found this tag on Youtube and I want to share my answers to all of you

blush or bronzer?
I prefer blush, my favorite right now is Revlon Powder blush in ‘Soft Spoken Pink, it just a very natural sheer medium pink color. I rarely wear bronzer because everytime I try to use it, my complexion just looks dull and ‘dirty’ maybe I haven’t found the right product or the right technique? I don’t know girls…just let me know if you have a suggestion.
lip gloss or lipstick? both. it just depends on my mood.
eye liner or mascara? mascara, but now, I’m in love with my MAC Fluidline Eyeliner in ‘Blacktrack’ this cream eyeliner seriously stays put.
foundation or concealer? concealer, can’t live without my MAC Studio Finish Concealer SPF 35. Love this product. Foundation is too heavy for me.
neutral or color eye shadow? both, again this is really depends on my mood.
pressed or loose eye shadows? pressed, I don’t like powder because it can be messy! Fall outs and everything.
brushes or sponges? brushes.

Long or short? short. I think a very long nails look tacky.
Acrylic or natural? I prefer natural all the way.
Brights or darks? depends on my mood. I do love black, burgundy, and navy but sometimes I use pale pink, lavender, blue, or red.
Flower or no flower? no flower. Crazy nail art just creeps me out.

perfume or body splash? perfume all the way! I’m a perfume addict! Right now I’m rotating among CK “Euphoria”, Carolina Herrera “CH”, and Gucci “Guilty”. Although I love Victoria’s Secret and Bath & Body Works body sprays J
lotion or body butter? both. Lotion on daily basis and body butter when I want to feel pampered. The Body Shop mango and shea body butters are my all time favorite, now I’m curious about their lemon and wild cherry body butters.
body wash or soap? both. Trying different scents, different shapes, and ingredients are always fun. I really want to try more Lush product, but seriously that stuff is very expensive in my country.

jeans or sweat pants? jeans.
long sleeve of short? short but not sleeve less.
dresses or skirts? dresses. It is easier, you don’t have to think about mix and match.
stripes or plaid? stripes
flip flops or sandals? both but I think sandals are cuter
scarves or hats? scarves
studs or dangly earrings? both
necklaces or bracelets? both
heels or flats? flats. I’m 5’7 tall (170 cm) and in my country I considered to be a tall girl. Wearing heels and everybody are going to stare.
cowboy boots or riding boots? riding boots! So much sexier
jacket or hoodie? jacket although I admit hoodie is much more comfy.

curly or straight? I like them both.
bun or ponytail? both, just depends on my mood
bobby pins or butterfly clips? bobby pins.
hair spray or gel? light to medium hold hair spray! Don’t like the super strong one and I don't like gel either.
long or short? long hair like Victoria’s Secret angels J
light or dark? I like them both as long it still looks natural.
side sweep bangs or full bangs? no bangs! I had tried sweep, I had tried blunt and I don't want to go back (at least, not in the near future)
up or down? both, depends on my mood.

Rain or shine? ummm cloudy?
Summer or winter? summer on the beach J Everyday is summer in my country and seriously… it gets super hot everyday
Fall or spring: fall
Chocolate or vanilla: to eat? chocolate I love dark chocolate. To smell? vanilla.

I tag everyone!!! but especially I really want to hear the answers from some of fellow beauty bloggers here:

check them out! I love their blogs 

PS: English is my second language, so excuse my grammar. Don’t hesitate to correct my grammar. Comment, send me an e-mail, or tweet me @melisaberry I am willing to learn. 


  1. thank u for the tag :)
    I will answer the question ^^

  2. CK euphoria is a lovely perfume indeed! thanks for tagging me ;)


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