Tuesday, September 6, 2011

L'occitane Perfume Review

L’occitane Rose des 4 Reines Eau de Toilette

From the L’occitane website Canada

“The delicate freshness of a bouquet of roses, the velvety softness of petals kissed with dew. The daughters of the Count of Forcalquier were as beautiful as the roses they cherished – the Grasse rose, the Bulgarian rose, the Moroccan rose and the Turkish rose. Each one of these daughters married a king, and so it was that Marguerite, Eléonore, Sancie and Béatrix became the four Queens of Forcalquier.”

Sounds divine right? This one belongs to my aunt, she bought it when she was in Paris, but I can’t stop admiring this fragrance. For me this floral perfume is just light and romantic, a very calming rose scent. Rose 4 Reines contains four different roses. That’s what you get when you smell this, a delicate and romantic bouquet. This perfume is perfect for feminine girls, it is soft, not overpowering, and for an eau de toilette this one has decent staying power.  On me it last around 4-5 hours.

  • Top Notes: redcurrant, violet leaves, bergamot.
  • Middle Notes: Grasse rose, Bulgarian rose, Turkish rose, Moroccan rose, apricot, & raspberry.
  • Base Notes: blackberry, white cedar, musk, heliotrope.

Price: My aunt got it for € 35.00
(I do some research and it is $ 48.00 on Canadian website, £ 33.00 on British website, and Rp 540,000 on Indonesian website).

L’occitane Rose Confite (Candied Rose) Eau de Toilette

From the box:

“A delicate and delicious winter rose. In Provence, candied fruit has been, for many years, the ultimate delicacy at festive celebrations… Some of the most desirable flowers can also tempt the taste buds and can be prepared using the same traditional method. Roses are coated in sugar syrup that crystallizes over time and turns every petal into a mouth-watering delicate delight. This limited edition Candied Rose Eau de Toilette captures the scents of this irresistible temptation in a floral heart of rose petals with sweet and fruity accents.”

Sounds yummy right? I do want to eat rose petal coated in crystallizes sugar syrup :D My aunt bought this for me, (along with her Rose 4 Reines ). This smells lovely, feminine, and vintage. I can imagine a quirky retro girl wearing this scent (examples: Zoey Deschanel and Krysten Rytter) This ‘floral-fruity- gourmand’ perfume is quite sweet and powdery, but not too much. Neither cloying nor immature. Longevity is good, last around 6 hours on me.

  • Top notes: Turkish rose essence, blackcurrant, and raspberry
  • Middle notes: Grasse rose absolute, powdered sugar accord
  • Base notes: sandalwood, musk

Price: € 35.00
( Rp 540,000 on Indonesian website )

L’occitane Cerisier des Oiseaux (Wild Cherry Tree) Eau de Toilette

So far, this is my favorite fragrance from L’ocittane, too bad it is limited edition! My sister bought it for my mother in Malaysia, but of course we both steal it sometimes ;) it's a very girly, bubbly floral-fruity, a bit powdery after it develops. Not a shy scent, noticeable and different from everything else I have smelled, but also tender and soft. I hope L’occitane brings back this fragrance to the store and make it permanent!

  • Top Notes: Amalfi lemon, black currant

  • Middle Notes: cherry blossom, tincture of rose

  • Base Notes: musk, sandalwood, Virginia cedar

Price: Sorry, I don’t really know and my sister already forget the price

Have you ever tried L'occitane perfume? What do you think about it?

PS: English is my second language, so forgive my poor grammar and limited vocabulary, don’t hesitate to correct my English, I am willing to learn, comment, send me an email, or tweet me @melisaberry


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