Friday, September 9, 2011

Perfume Review: Dolce and Gabbana 'Light Blue'

Recently I got really tired of deep, dark, floral oriental fragrances. Since that kind of fragrance dominate my collection, I decide that I need a fresh, light, and uplifting scent in my fragrance wardrobe. So I just got the old time favorite of mine, Dolce and Gabbana ‘Light Blue’. Now I have it back in my collection!

Top notes are apple, cedar, bellflower, and Sicilian lemon
Middle notes are white rose, bamboo, and jasmine
Base notes are amber, musk, and cedar

Light Blue is a fresh, casual, and breezy scent that perfect for hot summer days. It gives me a calm and cool feeling every single time I spray it, like a splash of spring water in my face!  For me it smells very citrusy with a hint of apple, crisp, fresh, and sharp. Decent sillage. Later it develops into this kind of dry woodsy scent, I think it is because of the cedar and musk in it.

I think this perfume can pass as a men’s cologne, it is not uber feminine, not sweet nor floral. If you tired of boring feminine floral scents or super sweet celebrity perfumes but you can’t stand heavy oriental, than this could be a perfect fragrance for you. Most people love it, even some Youtube beauty gurus claim that this is the perfume that makes guys go crazy around them! For your information my boyfriend loves this scent too J, when we sampled a fragrances in department store, he said he really like it. Yay!

The blue velvet box is nice but I don’t really like the bottle, for me it just ok, not stunning,  doesn’t make me want to display it on my vanity but the juice inside is really beautiful so I can't really complaint. Another downside, Light Blue is a very popular fragrance, this fragrance is one of the best sellers in some local department stores, plus there are tons of knock off Light Blue everywhere here,  I just smelled it on a lot of people. I hope it was less popular so this can be my signature scent. Another negative side of this perfume is the longevity! It doesn’t last long on me! I spray it then 2 hours later it is gone! Such a shame because I really love the smell L

Overall I give it 4 stars!!! It can be 5 if this perfume last longer and less popular.

PS: English is my second language, so please excuse my poor grammar and limited vocabulary, don't hesitate to correct my English, I'm willing to learn, comment, send me a message, or tweet me @melisaberry 


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