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Victoria’s Secret Multi-Million Dollar Fantasy Bras History

Million Dollar Miracle Bra (1996)

I believe this was the first time Victoria’s Secret ever came up with the diamond bra concept. Worn by German supermodel Claudia Schiffer on the photoshoot (unfortunately it wasn’t presented on the runway), this bra cost $ 1,000,000. 

Diamond Dream Bra (1997)

Tyra Banks wore this $ 3,000,000 white diamond bra. This bra did not appear on the runway either.

Dream Angel Fantasy Bra (1998)

At the fantastic $ 5,000,000 price tag, the lucky lady who wore this bra was Czech supermodel, Daniela Pestova.

Millenium Bra (1999)

The $ 10,000,000 diamond encrusted bra worn by Heidi Klum, don’t you love to have star shape diamonds on your bra?

Red Hot Fantasy Bra/Panties (2000)

This $ 15,000,000 creation breaks the Guiness Book of Record as one of the most expensive lingerie pieces that ever created. $ 15,000,000! Brazilian bombshell, Gisele Bundchen wore this on the photoshoot. This bra never made it to the runway either.

From Made of red satin and comprised of over 1,300 stones including 300 carats of Thai rubies.

Heavenly Star Bra (2001)

Heidi Klum wore the diamond bra for the second time. This one was the first million dollar bra (well this particular one cost about $ 12,500,000!) that ever presented on the VS Fashion Show. Isn’t it gorgeous? beautiful bra on the beautiful Heidi.

From Comprised of 1,200 Sri Lankan pink sapphires and a 90-carat emerald cut diamond.

Star of Voctoria Fantasy Bra (2002)

At 2002, Karolina Kurkova  wore this $ 10,000,000 bra

From Star of Victoria Fantasy Bra was studded with 1,150 ruby roses and 1,600 emerald leaves.

Very Sexy Fantasy Bra (2003)

For the third time Heidi Klum wear the million dollar bra, lucky girl! at the $ 11,000,000 price, this bra is very sexy, with the cut-out on top and bottom part, Heidi needed to layer it with red bra and thong to toned the sexiness down on the runway.

From Featured a 70-carat diamond, the second largest in the world.

Heavenly “70” Fantasy Bra (2004)

I don’t know about the reason, but this bra wasn’t showed up on the runway. Nonetheless, this is a very beautiful creation, cost about $ 10,000,000 Tyra Banks wore it for the photoshoot. This bra reminds me of the headpiece that Arwen (Liv Tyler) wore at The Lord of the Ring: The Return of the King.

From Featured a 70-carat pear-shaped diamond in the center. Apparently over 275 hours of labor went into the bra.

Sexy Splendor Fantasy Bra (2005)

This $ 12,500,000 worn by Gisele Bundchen. On  the runway they layered it with red bra, at the photoshoot, they just photoshop Gisele’s nipple ;D

From Comprised of over 2900 pave set diamonds, 22 ruby gemstones, a 101 karat diamond and set in 18-carat white gold.

Hearts on Fire Diamond Fantasy Bra (2006)

Look how gorgeous! The ‘snowy branches wings’, the runway set up, Karolina Kurkova amazing body, and of course the $ 6,500,000 bra…

From Comprised of over 2,000 diamonds with a 10-carat diamond brooch centerpiece.

Holiday Fantasy Bra (2007)

Selita Ebanks looked like a very expensive Christmas tree :D but looking good with $ 4,500,000 bra wasn’t an easy task, Selita said “It hurt. Yeah, diamonds hurt , I don’t know about wearing diamonds on your crotch. It’s like you’re walking and scraping. This is not cohesive to get a man. No man wants a scratchy vagina.

From Comprised of diamonds, rubies, emeralds and yellow sapphires by jeweler Mouawad.

Black Diamond Fantasy Miracle Bra (2008)

Brazillian goddess, Miss Adriana Lima wore this $ 5,000,000 bra, this black diamond bra is one of my favorites.

From Comprised of 3,575 black diamonds (two of which weight 100 carats each), 117 certified one-carat round diamonds and 34 rubies. Created by celebrity jeweler Martin Katz.

Harlequin Fantasy Bra (2009)

Again, one of my favorites too. California girl, Marisa Miller is the lucky chick who wore this beautiful $ 3,000,000 bra at the VS fashion show.

From Comprised of 2,300 diamonds crisscrossing the cups and 16-carat heart-shaped diamond pendant at the center.

Bombshell Fantasy Bra (2010)

Well, this $ 2,000,000 bra…again is one of my favorites. Adriana Lima wore it during VS Fashion Show last year, combined with festive feather wings. Adriana looked stunning in it.
From Comprised of more than 3000 brilliant cut white diamonds, light blue sapphires and oval-shaped topazes, all set in 18 karat white gold. Features 60 carats of diamonds and 82 carats of sapphires and topazes. The bra took six Damiani craftsmen 1500 hours of full-time labor to complete.

Treasure Fantasy Bra (2011)

Australian (and hot mama!) Miranda Kerr finally wearing this $ 2,500,000 bra on the runway. With yellow diamonds, white diamonds, pearls, citrines, aquamarines, white gold, and yellow gold, this bra is stunning!

Victoria's Secret Fantasy Bra (2012)

Finally goddess Alessandra wearing the million dollar bra, It was designed by London jewelers and the set features 5,200 precious and sparkly gems,including amethysts, sapphires,rubies and white, pink and yellow diamonds, set in 18-karat rose and yellow gold! It also has two removable diamond flower pins and a 12.5 carat diamond and 20-carat diamond centerpiece. 

Victoria's Secret 'The Royal' Fantasy Bra (2013)

This bra is adorned with over 4,200 precious gems from around the world including rubies, diamonds, and yellow sapphires in the bra. It also comes with matching pink frilly briefs and a gold belt, worn beautifull by Candice Swanepoel. It cost $ USD 10,000,000!

Victoria's Secret  Fantasy Bra (2014)

There were two Fantasy Bras on 2014 created by Pascal Mouawad. Each cost $USD 2,000,000! one in blue worn by Adriana Lima, one in red worn by Alessandra Ambrosio. Both Brazilian beauties are VS Veteran. They contain 16,000 gems and accompanied by 18-karat-gold-strung jeweled body piece. Which one is your favorite?

Victoria's Secret  Fireworks Fantasy Bra (2015)

2015 Fireworks Fantasy Bra features over 6,500 precious gems including diamond, blue topaz, yellow sapphires and pink quartz all set in 18-karat gold. It also features a matching blingy waist belt. Lily Aldridge wore it on the runaway.


  1. Awesome!!! Its just soooo cool!!! Million dollars bra! Sounds fancy!

  2. My favorite ever was 2014 one, it's SO BEAUTIFUL! <3 And it wasn't show in the runway because there were none, in 2004 they did an Angel's Across America Tour instead of a runway show! :)

    My Fashion Insider

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