Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Review: L’oreal Base Magique Transforming Smoothing Primer

After reading a lot of reviews online, I have decided to purchase this primer by L’oreal. This velvet matte texture primer is suppose to smooth wrinkles and fine lines, hide pores, and correct skin imperfections. Contains silicon oils and soft light podwers created a smooth formula to prepare the skin for further makeup application.  

This product doesn’t break me out. I used to be worry about this primer giving me acne because of the silicon oils in it, but after tried it for the last few weeks I can tell you this primer doesn’t cause blemishes on my skin.

It does hide my pore. I have oily-acne prone skin with big pores around my cheek and this primer conceals everything well. This product makes my pore less noticeable.

It makes my makeup last longer. Before I tried this product, usually after an hour wearing foundation or powder I always had to blot my face with my Clean & Clear Oil Blotting Sheets. After I use this primer I don’t have to blot as much.

This product makes a good eyeshadow primer too. Usually my eyeshadow tends to crease easily but after I use this my eyeshadow stays neat for a longer time.

A little goes a long way. A small amount can cover my entire face.If you pick up too much product, it will be hard to even out this primer on your skin.

Doesn’t have annoying strong smell.

It makes my skin feel so smooth and silky.

The packaging can be unhygienic. You put your finger to the pot and transferring germs. My tips: wash your hand before you use it or take a cotton bud and dip it to the pot to get the product out. Use new cotton but every time you use it.

For the amount of product you get I’ll say this primer is on the pricier side, I got mine for  Rp 149.000,- (about USD $ 16)

Overall I really enjoy my primer and I recommend this product to everyone.

PS: English is my second language. Don’t hesitate to correct my grammar I’m willing to learn. Tell me on the comment below, email me, or tweet me @melisaberry


  1. L'Oreal are really good product and i always use this only well i enjoy with this post overall are nice thanks..

    1. Thank you. I glad you enjoy my review.

  2. jadi kepengen deh.... :)
    ini produk kamu pake sehari-hari atau saat acara tertentu saja?


    1. Hi Astri,

      biasanya aku pakai produk ini kalau ada acara tertentu. tapi terkadang bila ada hari dimana aku tahu aku akan susah touch up makeup, aku akan pakai ini sebelumnya :)


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