Friday, March 2, 2012

Victoria’s Secret Sheer Love Fragrance Mist

Hi Vixen, this time I will review my new body spray from Victoria’s Secret Fantasies line called Sheer Love. I believe Sheer Love was launched to the market in 2011 (correct me if I’m wrong). It has a fresh notes of white cotton and sensual pink lily.  

From Victoria’s Secret website:
“Fall in Sheer Love, bright and cheerful with fresh white cotton and luminous pink lily. Experience the luxury of fragrance. Refreshing formula is infused with conditioning aloe vera and calming chamomile. Spray on for a sexy touch of scent. “ 

For me Sheer Love just smells lovely. ‘Feminine’, ‘romantic’, ‘floral’, ‘clean’, ‘light’, ‘fresh’ and ‘soft’ are the words that I think representing Sheer Love. Neither sweet nor fruity like any other Victoria’s Secret Fantasies body sprays. For you who work in close office environment, I think Sheer Love is the fragrance that will not offend anyone.

For people who like a unique or one of a kind scent, I guess they would say that Sheer Love is totally bland, boring, and not memorable. Well, for me Sheer Love is not ‘earth shattering’ but it is still a pleasant fragrance. My only disappointment is the lasting power. After like a few minutes I can’t even smell it anymore! It just gone! Maybe I should get the matching shower gel or lotion to make the scent linger much longer.  

So what do you think of Sheer Love? Have you ever tried it? Would you try it? What is your favorite Victoria’s Secret fragrance? What is your favorite scent of all the time? Tell me on the comment section below.

PS: English is my second language. Don’t hesitate to correct my grammar I’m willing to learn. Tell me on the comment below, email me, or tweet me @melisaberry


  1. mel.. post parfume collection dooonnk...
    *duduk manis siap2 diracuni* hehehe....

  2. Thanks for the idea, someday I will post it ya cantik :D

  3. Hi, i'm from Viet Nam and my E very bad, so don't laugh at me. Today I'm searching some reviews on internet about Sheer love body mist and i see your review. Thank you for your review. It s help me too much. i already had Love Spell and Pure Seduction and wanna buy another body mist. Pure Seduction is my Fav right now, but i looking for some smells light and fresh. so i think i will buy Sheer Love. Thank you again.

    1. I won't laught at you, I'am also still learning English. I'm glad you like it :D

  4. Your English is nearly perfect. :) :*


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