Saturday, April 21, 2012

Etude Hause Review

I went to the Etude House event at Mall Taman Anggrek last week. They were re-launching their boutique, it was crowded but all the girls looked excited. Too bad I forgot to bring my camera, I can’t show you how pretty the interior was. All I can say, everything is very girly, white and pink, with a beautiful shiny crystal chandelier hanging in the middle of the store.

And the best part Etude House gave the first 250 attendees an awesome goody bag worth of Rp 500.000,- (plus awesome discount and amazing additional freebies that day). Overall it was a very fun experience. Now let’s take a look at these little goodies

Baking Powder Pore Cleansing Powder Wash

From the website:
“Baking Powder Pore Cleansing Powder Wash gently exfoliates skin with a powder texture and penetrates pores to absorb oil and residues for a thorough cleanse.”

The powder has a fine texture. It is not harsh, it is not going to tear you skin. I mix a small amount of product with a little bit of water and it dissolves into this milky consistency. It has a slight smell of milk/coconut too. The result? It did clean face very well without being drying or oily. My face felt smooth after use it.

Aloe Moistfull Skin Care Kit (Soothing Skin, Soothing Lotion, Soothing Cream)

From the website:
“Moistfull Aloe Soothing Skin is a gel skin (toner) with enriched Baobab Tree extracts  and Organic Aloe, and supplies instant, full-charged moisture to the skin just like Aloe  juice.”

Buyers beware, because of the ‘aloe juice like’ consistency and the packaging, I almost waste a half bottle at the first time I used it! It didn’t absorb right away to the cotton ball, it spilled everywhere. Just be patient, you’ll get used to it.

“Moistfull Aloe Soothing Lotion is a milk textured lotion containing Baobab Tree extracts and Organic Aloe that soothes the skin with soft and comfortable wear.”

“Moistfull Aloe Soothing Cream is formulated with enriched Baobab Tree extracts and Organic Aloe and supplies full-charged moisture deep into the skin and keeps moisture level.”

I believe the Aloe Moistfull Skin Care Kit is addressed towards people with dry skin. I have oily skin, I tried it and this product doesn’t cause a breakout. It just makes my skin oilier. I definitely recommend this product to people with dry skin.

Dear Darling Ultra Shine Lips No. 4

I was scared when I open the tube and look at the color. It just so bright, shimmery, and orange! Fortunately it goes quite sheer when applied to the lips. Subtle enough for day, glam enough for night. Another plus, it moisturized and has a nice creamy texture.

Pomegranate Mask

I got this mask for Rp 5.000,- a very good deal indeed! But I haven’t tried it yet so I can’t give you my opinion, one girl at the store told me that the pomegranate mask smells really good, Sold! I love nice smelling thing. On the packaging it says this essence mask contains pomegranate that nourish for a healthy complexion.

Black nailpolish

Self explanatory. I also got the nailpolish for Rp 5.000,-

Missing U hand Cream #1 this is “harp seal story”

Because of spending Rp 10.000,- on the nailpolish and mask I got a chance to ‘spin the wheel’ and got another additional gift, so I got this baby. How adorable is the packaging? Very cute right? it does a good job to moisturized my hand. however when typing on my keyboard, I find it a little bit too oily.  So I don’t recommend using this and then typing on the computer or cell phone. The scent? it smells okay, light citrusy scent. Nothing earth-shattering but still a nice smelling product.

And I got the Rp 50.000,- gift voucher and card name holder, thank you so much Etude House

So, have you tried any product I mention above? What do you think about it? What is your favorite product from Etude House? Tell me on the comment below


  1. The baking powder cleanser sounds so unique! I didn't know they had that product. Anyway, I gave you an award:

  2. I love etude nail polish :)


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