Monday, July 30, 2012

Fragrance Sample Edition #2: Calvin Klein Euphoria

Hi Ladies in  this fragrance sample series I will review some of fragrance samples that I have, you can read my other review here. Now , I will review  Euphoria by Calvin Klein

Describe in three words?
Seductive,  warm, sweet

What is smells like?
Top notes: Pomegranate
Middle notes: Lotus, Orchid
Base notes:  Violet, Amber, Musk, Mahogany

This is the one fragrance that for me, is very hard to describe, it is heavy,  lush, slightly masculine, creamy, woody, sweet warm floral scent, later it settles into this soft musk smell.  Very sensual scent, I consider Euphoria as masterpiece.

What kind of women would wear this perfume?
Powerful and sexy women.  This perfume  needs a woman with strong personality, someone  confident,  with a mysterious flair. Euphoria is not for princess, it is a fragrance for a queen.

What kind of occasion suitable for this perfume?
I think this is  much more suitable for  a cooler night time, party, special dinner, or  a night with your special someone. But I have worn it on hot day too, it smells nice, just make sure you don’t spray too much.

How about the sillage and  longevity?
Sillage is medium, not so ‘loud’  but not so ‘soft spoken’ either. Longevity is great, it last on me about 5-6 hours.

Do I want a full size bottle?
Hell yes.

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