Sunday, November 11, 2012

Mini Haul and Review: L’occitane Rose Des Champs Solid Perfume Charm and Pearl Hand Cream

Hi Vixen,
Originally I went to L’occitane to buy 2 things as a birthday gift for someone, but when I was in the store I couldn’t resist to pick up something else for myself. So I bought this 2 things:

L’occitane Rose Des Champs Solid Perfume Charm

Look how adorable is the tiny packaging, I can use this solid perfume charm as my key chain. I can bring this little thing with me everywhere. But it’s not only the packaging that made me like it, the smell of Rose Des Champs is totally pretty!!! Rosy, a little bit citrusy, perfectly fresh and happy, you should try it when you go to L’occitane store. Originally I want the eau de toilette but I’m on budget so I picked the solid perfume instead.  

Unlike the eau de toilette version, this solid perfume doesn’t have a strong sillage, I feel like I only can smell it when I put my nose close to my skin. Another minus is I have to dip my finger inside the pot I’m afraid that this could be a little unhygienic, a perfect place for bacteria to breeds.
But overall I’m in love with this tiny charm!

Price: Rp 160.000,- for 7 gr

L’occitane Rose Des Champs Pearl Hand Cream

Look at those tini pink dots. It is a rose bush oil pearls.
Again, small and convenient packaging, perfect for travel. Contains adorable tiny pink dots inside the cream,  it’s a rose bush oil pearls that melt when I rub it on my palm. The cream itself is light to medium thickness, not overly sticky or oily when used. Perfect for a hot day when I don’t want heavy hand cream.

Might be not moisturizing enough fot extra dry hand.

Price:  Rp 113.000,- for 30 ml

Overall I am really satisfied with my purchase. Have you tried a product from L’occitane Rose Des Charm line? What is your favorite solid perfume? What is your favorite hand cream? Tell me in the comment below.


  1. Actually I never try this brand before.. But, I love the packaging so much >.<
    full of roses.. :D

    new follower ^^

    1. L'occitane is a french brand, you'll love it. They have amazing range of body cares and fragrances


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