Tuesday, December 4, 2012

59 Beauty Use of Vaseline Petroleum Jelly

Hi Vixen,
There are some of Vaseline jars all over my home, for years it becomes a staple in my beauty arsenal, I will never live without it. So here are 59 beauty use of Vaseline.

1. It can be applied as a base on the hair before applying hair dyes to prevent scalp irritation.
2.To prevent hair relaxing chemicals from burning your skin.
3. Apply a little to your hair line to tame fly-aways.
4. Conditions hair pre-shampooing.
5. Mix with conditioner for a deep nourishing treatment.
6. Reduces scaling and itching associated with dandruff, just don’t use to much on your scalp.
7. Remove chewing gum from your hair – it slides right off.
8. Use just a touch on the ends of your hair to hide dry and split ends.
9. Straighten bangs when they become curly.

10. Rub a little on the cheek bone for a nice glow.
11. Add a small amount to lipstick to create a cream blush for your cheeks.
12. As a facial moisturizer for dry skin.
13. Can help improve condition of those with atopic eczema.
14. I heard it helps in skin healing after cosmetic surgery.
15. Apply to the skin around nose when you have a cold to heal peeling skin.
16. If your concealer is too dry, mix with a little bit of Vaseline to make it spread easily.
17. Use it to protect your facial skin from extreme cold weather.

18. Use it as an eye cream, I heard that Tyra Banks swears by this trick.
19. As a waterproof eye makeup remover.
20. Tames unruly eyebrows.
21. Use Vaseline as an after shave for your eyebrows to help brow pencil glides easily.
22. If your brows getting itchy, use a thin layer of Vaseline.
23. Mix it with an eyeshadow to give more intense pigment.
24. Apply it on top of eyeshadow to give a glossy look.
25. Remove false eyelash glue from your lash line.
26. As lash conditioner.

27. Use it on a dry lip.
28. Use as a Lip gloss.
29.  Applied on teeth before applying lipstick to prevent lipstick from sticking on them. Beauty pageant contestants use this trick.
30. Put a thick layer on your lips, scrub it with a soft tooth brush.
31. To prevent lipstick stains napkins.

32. Mix with sea salts or sugar for a moisturizing body scrub.
33. Heavy duty moisturizer for elbows, knees, and hands
34. As a massage gel.
35. Applied on pulse points before spritzing perfume to make the scent last longer.
36. Helps heal and protect new tattoos.
37. Rub it to a paper cuts to prevent scaring.
38. Gives a nice glow to your body.
39. If you want to apply shimmer or glitter on your body, Vaseline helps as an adhesive.
40. If you use a fake tan, apply a small amount on dry spots to prevent uneven tanning.
41. Generously apply Vaseline all over, before taking flights to combat associated dryness.
42. Apply on mosquito bites. It works reduce the itching.
43. Mixing your favorite body lotion with Vaseline for more moisturizing feeling without being too greasy.
44. Use as skin soother after spending a day at the beach.
45. Apply to fading scars to speed up the healing process.
46. Mix with some essential oils for a spa-like experience.
47. Put  1 or 2 table spoon in a hot bath water.

48. Make your old manicure look new again – rub a small dab over the polish.
49. PutVaseline on cuticles for softer feel.
50. Also apply to your toes after your pedicure has gone a little dull.
51. After remove your nail polish, rub a Vaseline to moisturize your dry cuticle.

52. Put a coat of Vaseline on your feet at night, cover them with socks.
53. As a shaving gel, for best results apply to wet legs.
54. Can be used to smooth and soothe skin after shaving.
55. Rub it on your heels, toes, or any place on your feet to prevent blister caused by a new shoes.

56. Rub Vaseline on the neck of your nail polish bottles so the cap easier to open.
57. Use it on your finger to insert ring or take them off. It easier.
58. Use a tiny dab to put a shine on your shoes and bags.
59. Lubricates ear lobes, helps to make earring insertion easy and painless.

So, what do you use your Vaseline for? Tell me on the comment below.

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