Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Holy Grail Product Review: The Body Shop Body Butters

Hi Ladies,

Today I will do a review about one of my Holy Grail beauty product, The Body Shop Body Butters. I’ve been wearing TBS Body Butters for years, no matter how many brands of lotions or creams that I have tried, I always have TBS Body Butters on my beauty arsenal, I always go back to it.

Left to Right - Clock Wise: Moringa, Shea, Vanilla Bliss

Why I love it so much? Let me show you why

- It does the job moisturized my skin. From the lighter texture like Pink Grapefruit, Sweet Lemon, or Coconut, to the richer consistency like Shea, Cocoa, or Brazil Nut. TBS Body Butters always meet my needs. If I want a light lotion on hot day I will use something like Sweet Lemon, if I feel like I need more hydration and something creamier I will use Shea.

- It gives my skin a supple and comfortable feeling. Using TBS Body Butters is become my ritual to pamper myself. Once every two weeks, use body scrub first when you take a shower then slather some body butter, your skin would be silky smooth.

- I read online that some celebrities swear by TBS Cocoa or Shea body butter to prevent stretch marks. Some reviews on Makeup Alley said that some kind of body butter like Coconut helps to reduce Kelatosis Pilaris (chicken skin like texture) and eczema (no medical prove about this but we can try J).  

- It has a lot of different scents. Yummy gourmand type like Vanilla Body Butter Duo and Chocomania, floral like Moringa and Japanese Cherry Blossom, something more sweet and fruity like Mango and Wild Cherry, to the more perfumy scent like Love ETC and White Musk, I guarantee you’ll find something you like.

- It does have a cute packaging. Unlike regular tube or bottle that can squeeze or spilled everywhere, TBS Body Butters plastic jar are more practical when you want to bring it to travel. More convenient. They also have the mini one, so stock it up

The only negative thing I can say is, this body butter kind of pricy, for regular size jar the price starts from Rp 169.000 – to 189.000,-. Usually I stock up when TBS has some kind of discount or promo. That way I can save some money J. If you new to TBS Body Butter you can try whatever type you like in the store, my recommendation are Shea, Coconut, and Cacao. Overall I am satisfied with this product and will continue to buy this in the future.   

So what do you think about TBS Body Butter? What is your favorite one? Tell me on the comment below.


  1. It is nice, i've use shea for around 6 - 7 years as i have very dry skin :D I recommend you try L'occitane shea body butter

    1. I heard a good review about L'occitane Shea Butter and also their Almond Milk Cream, but they both are very expensive in my country:( around 3 to 4 times the price of TBS Body Butter, so far I never buy it. Maybe someday... :)

  2. I la-la-loveeee these butters! Would live and die by them!! Thanks for the review :) Great blog by the way. Really enjoyed reading your other posts too!
    Hope you had a wonderful new years. Now following you ^.^ Please check out my blog too when you have the time...

    Ploy <3 xx

    1. You're so sweet, thank you gorgeous :)

  3. Bio oil is pretty good for stretch marks. I found that it makes stretch marks less obvious but it doesn't completely rid them. :)


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