Sunday, February 3, 2013

Cambodian Beauty Treat: Natural Handmade Khmer Soap

Hi Vixen,

Recently I've been trying to incorporating more natural and organic skincare, I'm not fully convert to chemical free products but I think it would be nice if we can reduce the chemicals that we put on our skin on daily basis :)

So about two weeks ago, my sister came home after spending 2-3 weeks in Cambodia and Vietnam. From Cambodia she brought me these little babies, an organic Khmer soaps. I'm sorry I can't provide you the name of the company, I can't read it on the packaging since it is on Khmer alphabet. 

Khmer soaps surrounded by Cambodian Krama, a traditional Khmer garment :)

I have lemongrass, lotus, jasmine, coconut, pineapple, and lily scented soaps. I have used the lemongrass and I love it! smells so fresh and energizing, after this I will use the jasmine, it has a true jasmine scent to it. I think I will enjoy that too.

This soaps lather quite well, it doesn't leave a soapy residue on my skin. I doesn't dry my skin because it contains honey, vegetable oil, and coconut oil, those are nice ingredients for your skin. 

And the packaging? how adorable are they? they are packed individually in circle-shaped bamboo containers. They make me feel bad throwing the packaging...

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