Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Body Shop Brow & Liner Kit No. 02

Hi Ladies,

Today I will review the newest addition to makeup routine, The Body Shop Brow and Liner Kit. I bought it because I want an eyebrow product that works for me. Before that I had used Sariayu Eyebrow Pencil and it just didn’t work, the pencil is too hard and the color pay-off is really sheer.

The packaging looks like a mini version of The Body Shop compact powder, it has a mirror inside so we can use it for touch-up purpose (not that we need it).  Inside the compact there are two separate places for the product, I believe the darker one is the liner and the lighter one is the brow powder.

I have almost black hair so originally I intended to buy the No. 03 which is the ‘Brown/Black’. But after I swatched it in the store, it looked too harsh against my NC25 skin. So I decided to buy No. 02 which is the ‘Brunette/Brown’ color.

Turns out it is the perfect color. I use the lighter color on my brow for daily use. For more dramatic result I apply the darker color. The great thing about this product is it does last long, it doesn’t fade throughout the day, or melt on my oily skin. The pigmentation of the lighter color is great, however the darker color is rather sheer.

Inside the compact, The Body Shop provides a brush to go with it. It is an awkward brush, It has a very rough stiff angle brush in one end and a very thin and slippery eyeliner brush in the other end. Both don’t deliver a good application. I Use another brush instead.

Price: Rp 129.000,- 

Monday, April 15, 2013

Review: L'Occitane - 25% Shea Butter Ultra Rich Body Cream Rose Petals

Hi Ladies,

Today I will do a review on the L’occitane 25% Shea Butter Ultra Rich Body Cream in Rose Petals, I bought it because I need a body cream that I can bring with me every day, not too big but not too small either. This packaging is perfect for me, sleek light tin that gives a vintage feeling.

The cream itself absorbs quickly, no oily feeling. It smells nice, a light sugary rose petals scent, not overpowering but lingers for quite some time. The downside is I feel like this is not as rich as I imagined it to be, I have to use a lot of product to moisturize small area like my hand. It is still richer that The Body Shop Shea Body Butter, but the weird thing is The Body Shop Shea Body Butter keeps me moisturized longer, the L’occitane Shea Butter just sinks and disappears into my skin right away.

Overall I will use up this product, but will I purchase? No. It is expensive (Rp 335.000,-) for that kind of price I expect something far superior than others. I will try other products after I finish it. 

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Chanel Mat Lumiere Luminous Matte Powder Makeup SPF 10

Hi Vixen,

Today I will do a review on Chanel Mat Lumiere Luminous Matte Powder Makeup SPF 10.

  • I won’t lie, the first reason I got this powder is because the packaging, a sleek shiny black compact with Chanel logo on it. I don’t mind touching-up with this product in front of my friend because the compact looking so gorgeous. It has a velvet pouch to cover the compact from getting scratchy. Inside the compact there are a different compartments for the powder and the sponge, I think it’s a good way to keep the powder hygienic, the sponge not sitting all the time on top of the powder like any other compact.
  • The mirror inside this Chanel Mat Lumiere is huge! I can see everything when I use it.
  • It has a medium coverage. For some people the coverage might not be sufficient. When you see someone’s makeup you can tell the quality of makeup products that person used. To me this just looks gorgeous on the skin.
  • The powder itself doesn’t feel too powdery; it feels slightly creamy when I pick some out with the sponge.
  • It is fine and smooth, doesn’t look cakey or flat even after I do touch up  several times.
  • The color stays true without oxidizing.
  • The first application looks matte but after several minute it gives a slight luminous effect. Just like the name itself ‘Mat Lumiere’ , ‘Luminous Matte’, it gives a slight luminosity without taking away the matte effect. Such a clever product.


  • The color I have is 40 Sable, it looks ok on me but I prefer lighter color. I Google this powder and apparently they don’t really have a wide range selection of color. I wish it has a better oil absorbing properties, but sadly this is not keeping my super oily face matte for the time that I expected.
  • It doesn’t really cover up my big pores; I have to use foundation first to achieve that look. My MAC Studio Fix Powder do better job concealing my pore.
  • It’s expensive; I got mine for S $ 64 in Changi Airport.

Overall, I will use up this powder. I don’t plan to buy it in the near future because there is other Chanel powder I want to try. But if someday I decide to pick this product again, then I’ll make sure I get a lighter color.

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