Sunday, August 18, 2013

Review:Louis Vuitton Elysee Wallet in Camel

I’m so blessed, someone very special bought it for me in Louis Vuitton Marina Bay Sands. I want a Louis Vuitton wallet for rather a long time. I feel that Louis Vuitton wallet is a good investment because of their superior quality. My choice tie between the “Insolite”, “Origami”, “Rossmore”, and “Elysee”. I finally have the “Elysee” one.

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The “Rossmore” wallet looks very luxurious, but I feel it is much more suitable for “rich mature woman” (not me at all!). The pink “Insolite” looks very girly and cute but I think the colorful design will not be on trend for a long time.

The inside construction of “Origami” wallet is very unique and original, it looks like…origami but the outer seems somewhat plain. In the store I paired the “Origami” with gold dangly Louis Vuitton keychain and it looks very very pretty. Too bad the keychain is very expensive, it cost like SGD 500-600 and it is not made from precious metal. 

The Elysee has 7.5 x 4.3 x 0.4 inches width x height x depth, natural cowhide leather trimmings, 12 card slots, 1 zipper coin pocket, 2 spacious compartments for notes, and calf leather lining. I enjoy the luxurious leather and the classic golden brass S-lock. I love the exquisite vintage design too. Very nice gift indeed!

I saw in the Louis Vuitton UK site that they have 6 inside lining color selections, there are camel (chocolate brown), orient (orange reddish color), celeste (dark blue), quetsche (dark purple), burgundy (dark brown, looks similar to the monogram leather),  and aurore (this one I’m not so sure how to describe, a mixture between chocolate and purple maybe). Color availability might vary from country to country.

Mine is camel, the chocolate brown one. I think this one suits me the most. Stand out in a subtle and classy manner. The shape of this wallet is rather bulky and big, I think I can hold it by itself and use it as a clutch. However the golden brass S-lock feels strange for the first time I used it. I have to push the two sides of the lock and pull it. To put the lock back, push both side and push it back until it locked. I have to be careful because I don’t want the gold brass to get scratchy.   

I never used the card compartments inside every wallet I had before, this one is no exception. I prefer to keep all my cards in different small pouch. Price wise, the “Elysee” is pricier than the other 3 Louis Vuitton wallets that I have listed before and personally, it's only in my dream that I own such expensive wallet.

If in the future I have enough money, I want the Speedy bag. Either the regular or the bandoulier type. I might want my initial to be monogrammed on it. I see online that regular canvas Speedy bag cost less than this wallet because they are made from canvas while Elysee made from leather. Leather Speedy could cost me more. I'll save some money for it. Let’s see which one I’ll have.

If you interested in this wallet you can see more details and the price on

 Louis Vuitton US website here:

Louis Vuitton UK website here:


  1. USD 1330 for wallet is crazy :D but you're lucky, I'm jealous

  2. NAKSIR EUY!!! mauuuu ci ;)

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