Thursday, August 15, 2013

Random Story: Little Tips on Taking Care Your Diamond Ring

I feel so blessed to finally have diamond ring from Frank & Co.

7 round briliant cut diamonds arranged in flower shape. The color is F range , the clarity is VVS, and it has 0.938 carat weight (it looks huge on my tiny no. 7 finger). The band itself is white gold.

When we wear something so precious on our finger, we wouldn’t want it to get ruin or lost. So these are some tips to take care of your diamond ring.
  • Get it cleaned professionally. While cleaning, they can check if there is any loose prong or setting.  The Frank & Co representative told me to clean it once a month. It is free of charge in every Frank & Co store.
  • They also told me that I can clean the ring at home, mix water with a little bit ‘sunlight’ and brush it with soft baby tooth brush. Brush it gently with one direction motion. Do not brush your ring with vigorous windshield wiping motion. 
  • I believe we can get cleaning solution from jewelry store. Find one that suitable for your diamond and metal type. Soak and dry it with soft material. 
  • Take off the ring when doing chorus like washing dishes or cleaning the floor.
  • Keep some ring boxes on everyplace where you might need to take off your ring (like near the kitchen sink and your bedside) don’t just put your ring near the sink, it could drown and lost.
  • Avoid knocking or bumping your ring to hard material (like wood, stone, plastic, and metal). It could scratch your diamond and break the prong.
  • When holding the ring, avoid touch the diamond part because oil and dirt from our finger could transferred and create dull film on the diamond surface, prevent it from giving the brightest shine. Hold the band instead.

So those are my tips to take care the precious diamond ring, do you have any other tips? Feel free to share


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