Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Body Shop Body Butter Collective Haul and Review

You might know from my old post http://vixenlady.blogspot.com/2013/01/holy-grail-product-review-body-shop.html that The Body Shop Body Butters are my Holy Grail product, I genuinely love it! jars after jars, I just can’t get enough. This product is a must in my beauty arsenal.

L-R: Shea, Raspberry, & Cocoa. Sorry I forget to include the Brazil Nut
Because I almost run out, I decide to buy some, let’s see all of them  

Shea Body Body Butter
My all time favorite body butter, rich and thick. Usually I use it after a night shower to give my skin a boost of moisture in cold, air-conditioned room. It smells super comforting. Totally recommend it.

Brazil Nut Body Butter
I have used one tube of Brazil Nut Body Butter (dark brown almost black packaging) in the past and I remember I didn’t really like the smell. But the newest Brazil Nut smells yummy! A light mixture between caramel and chocolate, it is super delicious.  Texture wise, Brazil Nut also has a rich and thick texture. Perfect for winter. 

To make the scent last longer, I got the Brazil Nut Body Scrub to match. When I need a little treat, I scrub and moisturized with those two products. Be careful though, the scrub leaves a residue on the bathroom floor. 

Cocoa Body Butter
Rumor has it Victoria Beckham is a fan, both Cocoa and Shea are good for stretch marks, improve skin elasticity, and keep them moisturized. I give this one to my mom. 

Raspberry Body Butter
How cute is the raspberry picture on the lid? I keep it on my office table so I can reapply throughout the day. The texture is lighter than other body butters I showed in this post but it is still give me nice moisture. 

Not to mention it smells scrumptious! Like a raspberry yoghurt. This is my newest favorite from The Body Shop.

I believe each of The Body Shop Body Butter retails for Rp 189.000,-  stock up when they have discount.

Have you tried The Body Shop Body Butter? Which one is your favorite? Does anyone know whether the Brazil Nut and Raspberry are limited edition? Does anyone know when the Honeymania body butter to come to Indonesia? Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below J

Review: Bobbi Brown Telluride Glow Collection

Hi Ladies,

Today I will do a review about Bobbi Brown Telluride Glow Collection. I originally came to Bobbi Brown counter to get the Corrector, Pot Rouge, and Blush, but when I saw the price of this set I was shocked, for five Bobbi Brown products the price is really good.

This set includes:
Smokey Brown Eyeshadow Palette
Telluride Illuminating Bronzing Powder
Black Extreme Party Mascara
Black Ink Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner
Bellini High Shimmer Lip Gloss

Let’s see each one of them

Smokey Brown Eyeshadow Palette
This eyeshadow pallete contains 6 colors which are Bone, Blazing Star, Woodrose, Pink Copper, Heather Rose, and Smokey Brown eyeshadows. Pigmentation is average, for the exception of Smokey Brown. Smokey Brown has a nice color payoff. The Blazing Star is the poorest, I literally have to scrape off the powder with a stiff brush to get some color.
Packaging is sleek glossy compact with build in mirror, perfect for travel since it wouldn’t take a lot of space. 

Telluride Illuminating Bronzing Powder
            I don’t know if bronzer is the right name for this. This product has more pink tone in it. In my opinion this kind of color is more suitable to use as a blush, it gives me a classy rosy hue. Not too bright, not too girly, not too cute, just polished and professional. Pigmentation is nice, easy to apply and buildable. A great product.

Black Extreme Party Mascara
I never really tried high-end mascara, so far Cover Girl  & Maybelline do amazing job on my lashes, spending a great deal of money for a product that I have to throw every 3-4 months sounds like a terrible idea.
Turns out this mascara is not really that great, I have quite long eyelashes that are really straight, using eyelash curler is a must for me. Even though this mascara gives the appearance of thicker lashes, it doesn’t hold the curl very well. My curled eye lashes went down and straight after this product applied. It doesn’t really lengthen either. Cover Girl and Maybelline still win. 

Black Ink Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner
This product is one of Bobbi Brown best seller for reasons. It has amazing pigmentation, gives an opaque black color and the gel glides on easily. As an Asian, I have a small lid space, put a thick line and I will end up with a black smudge all over my lid, that’s why I only use a thin line. A thin liquid liner brush type is works best for me.
To prevent the gel from drying, always put the pot upside down, this brings the water and moisture from the bottom to go through the formula. That way, the gel liner last longer. 

Bellini High Shimmer Lip Gloss
            There was a phase that I abuse the lipgloss usage, it was in early 2000 when the glossier the better. Now I don’t really use lipgloss that much.  Bellini is a baby peach color with silver and gold shimmers. 

Price: Rp 1.000.000,- I got mine in Metro Pacific Place.

Skincare Diary: Klinik Estetika Semarang Part VIII

Part I   :  http://vixenlady.blogspot.com/2013/05/skin-care-diary-erha-clinic.html

Halo semua,

Sudah lama aku ngga melanjutkan series Skincare Diary, hal ini disebabkan karena aku udah putus asa melekukan perawatan di klinik kecantikan. Di postingan terakhir http://vixenlady.blogspot.com/2013/11/skincare-diary-klinik-estetika-semarang.html aku memutuskan untuk menggunakan krim-krim perawatan dari Klinik Estetika Semarang, eh malah jadinya kulitku menjadi super berminyak dan sering muncul jerawat kecil. Aku paksa pakai sampai kurang lebih 2 minggu, namun pada akhirnya aku nyerah juga, ngga tahan banget sama kulit yang semakin berminyak.

Setelah berhenti menggunakan krim-krim, bukannya semakin baik malah kulit aku mengalami purging, dekil, berminyak, dan sesekali muncul jerawat kecil. Hu…hu…hu… 

Karena kesibukan pekerjaan yang luar biasa padatnya, aku ngga sempat ke dokter untuk konsultasi. Jadilah aku kembali lagi ke perawatan over the counter kayak Kiehl’s, Shu Uemura, L’occitane, dan Aesop. Not bad sih, setelah 1-2 bulan lepas dari Estetika, kulit aku sudah mulai mereda masalahnya.

Rasanya aku jadi males pakai krim dari klinik kecantikan, takut ketergantungan dan purging lagi kalo stop. Untuk saat ini aku masih pakai perawatan over the counter, aku merencanakan apabila punya waktu, mau kembali lagi ke perawatan Erha, karena sudah cocok. Let’s see in the future

Monday, January 20, 2014

Review: YSL Rouge Pur Couture in 61 Fuchsia Clandestin

I want to try fuchsia lipstick, I think it would be fun and fresh to try something new. Originally I wanted to get it at MAC Counter, but when I walked pass by YSL Counter, I couldn’t help but notice that they had some uber gorgeous fuchsia color lipsticks!

This one in particular came from the Rebel Nudes collection, adorned with a new case bearing the YSL monogram, Rouge Pur Couture makes brilliant use of Euphotic Coloured Light technology. The result: eight new shades for a sophisticated, luminous look. 

Let’s start with the packaging, a luxurious square gold case with YSL monogram, totally beautiful and expensive looking. When I see it, I always have the urge to touching up my lipstick. Be warn though, the shiny surface can get dull by finger print marks!

L - R: One Swipe - Several Swipes

The formula is gorgeous! Creamy and opaque, but light and comfortable.  Longevity is great, last a long time, even when I try to clean it with tissue, the stain still not going anywhere. The color is blue undertone fuchsia. One swipe is enough to give you a good color pay-off. Dab it on your lips to create the just bitten effect. Apply with lip brush to create a precise night time look. It also smells pretty, a very light rosy smell, it wont' bother, I promise.  

Overall I’m really happy with this lipstick, the color gives me a fresh and awake appearance. Try by yourself, let me know what you think of it.
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