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Review: Diptyque Do Son Eau de Toilette

I feel so excited to finally have a Diptyque fragrance, hard to find, niche brand that rarely worn by Indonesian people. Diptyque is really popular with their candles, even I heard Christian Louboutin scented one of his event with Dipyique Tuberose candle. Someday I will try some of their candles but in the mean time let’s see this fragrance first. 

Do Son is inspired directly from Yves Coueslant's childhood in Vietnam, where he grew up in Haïphong, a port in Northern Indo-China. Not far from there, in the little seaside resort of Do Son, his father had a pagoda built by the sea to go to and enjoy the sea air at the end of the day. His mother, hardly bearing the heat and damp monsoon weather, used to rest for hours in the fresh and quiet half-light of her sitting room. She loved the bitter sweet fragrance of tuberoses and the great department store in town where she used to buy whatever was fashionable from Paris... (via Diptyque website)

Top notes: African Orange Flower, Rose, Iris
Middle notes: Tuberose, Pink Pepper
Base notes: Benzoin, Musk

Do Son opens with tuberose, for your information, in Indonesia it is called “Bunga Sedap Malam” it could literally be translated to “Delicious Night Flower”. The heady tuberose scent settles quickly into something lighter and fresher. Several people made a comment that they detect jasmine and Balinese frangipani, I believe it is the African orange flower because I couldn’t see jasmine or frangipani listed in the notes.

It stays linear, not complex. Basically Do Son is a lush and dewy white flowers fragrance, sensual but fresh at the same time. For eau de toilette the longevity is good. It stays around 4-5 hours on my skin. I tried the eau de parfum in the store but it doesn’t last as long. It also loses the tuberose after an hour and turn into this sheer sour smell.

Back in the middle ages, and still today in some Western cultures, young unmarried women are forbidden to smell tuberose for fear that the heady, sensual aroma will reel their senses straight to the gates of perdition. But in Indonesia, tuberose is used on many religious and mystic rituals. 
Tuberose at the altar. Doc: Google
As Indonesian with Chinese descent, my family still celebrates several rituals, “sembahyang” (praying) at the altar is one of them, it could be Gods and Goddesses altar, it could be deceased family member altar. We will put a vase full of fresh flowers there, tuberose included. In the night those tuberose will bloom and spread their scent all over the room.  As I’m writing this post, I can imagine the heady scent of tuberose mix with burnt incense.

If you go to Bali, you can see so many “sesajen”  (see picture) in front of the native houses. I never really check the exact content but I swear it smells like tuberose buds, jasmine, Balinese frangipani and incense. Any Balinese reader? Please enlighten us about this ‘sesajen’.
Balinese Sesajen. Photo by Lucas Photography. Doc:Google
Other than that, Do Son reminds so many people around me about graveyard and mystics rituals. Do you know that tuberose and jasmine petals are being spread on top of the graveyard in Indonesia? Westerners put flower bouquet and long stem roses on the grave. We Indonesian put “kembang tujuh rupa” (seven types of flowers). Tuberose and jasmine petals are included. 

Kembang Tujuh Rupa. Pict taken from pedomannusantara.com
Also if you ever had chance to visit Indonesian graveyard you will notice a big Balinese frangipani tree shadowing and protecting the graves under. Give the impression of cool, silent, and dark fragrant place.

Frangipani Tree above the Graveyard. Doc: Google
Diptyque Do Son with the tuberose-jasmine-frangipani scent reminds me of those things. Some people I know are disturbed by it smells, it reminds them of ‘death’, but all I can say is, I love it dearly. It reminds me of my beloved grandmother, it reminds me of spirituality, it gives me a sense of serenity. Definitely a lovely fragrance.

Price: Rp 1.170.000,- at Papillon Duo, Pacific Place Jakarta

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