Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in 24 Fresh Melon and 11 Pale Pink

Hi Ladies,

Today I will do a review on Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge. Because of the versatility, Pot Rouge is one of their best selling products. It’s a cream that can be used on the lips and cheeks. You can’t go wrong with it.

The formula is creamy and blends easily. I thought it would be too greasy to use on my oily skin but thankfully it sinks right in! Because I don’t like to dip my finger in the pot, I take some product out with a medium flat foundation brush, spread across the cheek and lip then blend right away. After that, I do a padding motion with a sponge to absorb moisture and oil. 

Fresh Melon
The colors I chose are Fresh Melon and Pale Pink. Fresh Melon is a true apricot color without any pink in it, creating the pretty peachy glow. This color would enhance light skin beautifully but I feel like dark skin ladies might find it hard to make this color show up. When used on my lips, I tend to pair it with smokey eyes. When I pair it with minimal makeup it slightly washes me out. For reference I’m NC25 with yellow undertone. Fresh Melon doesn’t really stay long on my face; it fades after 1-2 hours. Seal it with powder to increase the longevity. 

Pale Pink
Pale Pink on the other hand, is perfect to use when I just want a quick ‘no makeup’ makeup.  It’s a darker rosy color with a touch of purple in it. I feel like this color would complement so many different skin tones beautifully. Longevity is better that the Fresh Melon, it stays 3-4 hours on my cheek. I don’t know why that happens but I feel like Pale Pink is more pigmented and drier than Fresh Melon. Pale Pink is giving me a ‘blushing bride’ effect. 

So that’s my take on Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge, I hope it would be helpful for some of you, if you have any experience with this product, don’t hesitate to put a comment below. Have a bless day! 

Price: each was Rp 350.000,- I got mine in Metro Pacific Place.

Haul: Sulwhasoo & The History of Whoo

Hi semua,
Hari ini aku mau share sedikit mengenai haul Sulwhasoo & The History of Whoo. Sebelumnya aku pernah review mengenai Sulwhasoo Charity Kits di post aku, bagi kalian yang ingin tahu langsung klik link ini http://vixenlady.blogspot.com/2014/02/review-sulwhasoo-charity-kit.html  nah, untuk haul kali ini, mari kita lihat produknya

Sulwhasoo Gentle Cleansing Foam
Tipe kulit aku berminyak, namun kadang jadi kering, merah, iritasi, dan mengelupas apabila overdosis krim-krim jerawat Erha Clinic. Kalau sudah begitu aku beralih pakai skincare yang lebih mild. Gentle Cleansing Foam ini salah satunya.

Teksturnya gel dengan wangi herbal, tidak meninggalkan perasaan kesat setelah dibilas. Kadang aku combine Gentle Cleansing Foam ini dengan Clarisonic Mia 2. 

Harga: Rp 340.000,-

Sulwhasoo Kit
Sulwhasoo Essential Line (line basic dari Sulwhasoo) tidak langsung memberikan hasil instan di kulit aku, butuh waktu berbulan-bulan bagiku untuk pada akhirnya menikmati these skin care products. Juga yang perlu aku beritahu, tidak semua produk di Essensial Line cocok di kulit aku, Essential Balancing Water  dan Essential Balancing Emulsion  menyebabkan aku jerawatan. Kalian dapat melihat review aku sebelumnya disini http://vixenlady.blogspot.com/2014/02/review-sulwhasoo-charity-kit.html

Apa saja produk yang termasuk dalam kit ini? Yuk kita simak
  1. Gentle Cleansing Oil 
  2. Gentle Cleansing Foam 
  3. Clarifying Mask 
  4. First Care Activating Serum
  5. Essential Balancing Water  
  6. Essential Balancing Emulsion  
  7. Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Cream  
  8. Hydro-aid Moisturizing Lifting Mist
  9. Pouch
Kedepannya aku akan review lebih mendalam produk-produk di line ini, terutama yang belum pernah aku pakai sebelumnya.

Harga: Rp 500.000,-

Selain itu, aku juga mendapat beberapa samples 

The History of Whoo
Aku baru memulai experience dengan The History of Whoo, belum punya product knowledge yang cukup tentang company mereka, mesti baca-baca lagi. Namun aku memutuskan untuk mencoba 2 sample produk Whoo yaitu Hwanyu Go Essence & Cream. Kedepannya aku mau coba produk-produk Whoo lainnya. 

Harga: Rp 90.000,-/each
Sekian dulu haul aku kali ini, bila kalian punya pengalaman dengan Sulwhasoo dan The History of Whoo share ya di comment section, have a blessed day all!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Beauty Books Collection Series: Jemma Kidd Makeup Secrets

Hi semuanya!

Kali ini aku mau lanjut review Beauty Books Collection Series, kalau sebelumnya aku sudah membahas mengenai Lauren Conrad Beauty kali ini aku akan mereview Jemma Kidd Makeup Secrets.

Bagi kalian yang belum tahu, Jemma Kidd adalah seorang makeup artist dan mantan model berkebangsaan Inggris yang memiliki line makeup Jemma Kidd Cosmetics. She’s also a Countess (royal title di Inggris) because she married an Earl on 2005. 

Buku ini dibuat oleh Jemma dengan focus kepada problem solving beauty secrets. Setelah itu maintaining dan enhancing what we already got. 

  • Every ‘flaw’ yang ingin disamarkan saat bermakeup dijelaskan disini satu persatu, mulai dari acne, wrinkle, hingga mengakali bentuk mata dan bibir yang berbeda-beda dijelaskan step by step nya disini. 
  • Aku suka banget dengan bagian Old Hollywood Celebritynya. Jemma memberikan makeup tutorial gaya berdandan Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, Brigitte Bardot, dan lain-lain. So pretty! 
  • Selain itu tutorial makeup untuk beragam kesempatan yang berbeda, mulai dari everyday look, date, hingga party juga tersedia di dalam buku ini. 
  • Banyak gambar informatif yang menjelaskan step by step doing makeup. 
  • So many pretty pictures too! Beautiful makeup! Drool!  
  • Sama seperti buku Lauren Conrad Beauty, sayangnya, the exact product yang digunakan di dalam foto tidak diberitahu. Padahal naksir banget dengan so many looks di buku ini! Entah warna lipstiknya, entah warna blushnya.
Where to Get
Aku beli di Books and Beyond Pacific Place

Review: L’occitane Rose Heart Ultra Soft Cream & Rose Heart Hand Cream

Hi ladies,

Rose is one of my favorite flowers. However finding rose scented perfume is not always easy, some of them smell dusty, old, and powdery. Most of modern perfume companies trying to leave that kind of scent by creating fresher rose smell and I personally think that all rose creations from L’occitane are always liked by so many people. 

Today I will do a review on rose scented things from L’occitane, these two in particular are Rose Heart Ultra Soft Cream & Rose Heart Hand Cream. Let’s see each one of them

L’occitane Rose Heart Ultra Soft Cream
First of all, let me say that the fuchsia tin packaging is really cute, gives a vintage kind of look. This body cream itself made by 10% shea butter, light moisturizer for your skin that easily absorbed, perfect when you don’t feel like slathering thick body butter. The smell is really really good, subtle and fresh rose scent. Nothing too over the top. I feel that so many people will like this scent. 

If you need something more nourishing I recommend you to mix this with the new L’occitane Shea Fabulous Oil. Perhaps L’occitane needs to come out with Rose Heart body oil? That would be lovely. 

Price: Rp 350.000,- for 100 ml, I got mine in L’occitane Store Summarecom Mall Serpong

L’occitane Rose Heart Hand Cream
This limited edition hand cream made of 20% shea butter that perfect to nourish your skin in harsh cold weather. The formula is rich and easy to absorb without any sticky feeling. Because I wash my hand all the time, L’occitane hand cream is a must for me. The small packaging makes it easy to carry around in my purse. Try one of their hand creams, you’ll be pleased. 

Price: Rp 132.000,- for 30 ml, I got mine in L’occitane Store Summarecom Mall Serpong
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