Monday, May 5, 2014

Review: L’occitane Rose Heart Ultra Soft Cream & Rose Heart Hand Cream

Hi ladies,

Rose is one of my favorite flowers. However finding rose scented perfume is not always easy, some of them smell dusty, old, and powdery. Most of modern perfume companies trying to leave that kind of scent by creating fresher rose smell and I personally think that all rose creations from L’occitane are always liked by so many people. 

Today I will do a review on rose scented things from L’occitane, these two in particular are Rose Heart Ultra Soft Cream & Rose Heart Hand Cream. Let’s see each one of them

L’occitane Rose Heart Ultra Soft Cream
First of all, let me say that the fuchsia tin packaging is really cute, gives a vintage kind of look. This body cream itself made by 10% shea butter, light moisturizer for your skin that easily absorbed, perfect when you don’t feel like slathering thick body butter. The smell is really really good, subtle and fresh rose scent. Nothing too over the top. I feel that so many people will like this scent. 

If you need something more nourishing I recommend you to mix this with the new L’occitane Shea Fabulous Oil. Perhaps L’occitane needs to come out with Rose Heart body oil? That would be lovely. 

Price: Rp 350.000,- for 100 ml, I got mine in L’occitane Store Summarecom Mall Serpong

L’occitane Rose Heart Hand Cream
This limited edition hand cream made of 20% shea butter that perfect to nourish your skin in harsh cold weather. The formula is rich and easy to absorb without any sticky feeling. Because I wash my hand all the time, L’occitane hand cream is a must for me. The small packaging makes it easy to carry around in my purse. Try one of their hand creams, you’ll be pleased. 

Price: Rp 132.000,- for 30 ml, I got mine in L’occitane Store Summarecom Mall Serpong

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