Wednesday, August 6, 2014

L’occitane Fragrance Beautifying Cream

Hi Ladies,
Today I will do a review on L’occitane new product which called Fragrance Beautifying Cream.

From L’occitane Website:
The Fragrance Beautifying Cream enhances your fragrance and helps it last longer. The neutral floral notes of this innovative cream blend and embrace each of the fragrances of La Collection de Grasse. Incredibly fresh with a rich texture, it leaves skin moisturised and satin smooth. Apply to clean skin, focusing on the neck and décolleté. Create a cloud of perfume (2-3 sprays of scent) and walk into it.

My Experience:
L’occitane made this cream to be used in conjunction with their Collection de Grasse fragrance range (I love their Neroli & Orchidee) to enhance, intensify, and help the fragrance to last longer. As a perfume lover this concept just excited me. I bought it as soon as I found L’occitane boutique.

First of all the jar is pretty. A heavy frosted glass that looks very expensive sitting on my vanity. The cream itself is rich but not sticky, such a heavenly silky texture. It would be nice to use it all over my body, too bad the price is very high. The cream is not unscented, it has a very light floral smell, fresh and delicate. I like it a lot.

 I never paired it with their Collection de Grasse fragrance range but I have paired it with some of my’ weaker’ perfume such as Jo Malone colognes and Dyptique edt. My experiment runs like this, I put Beautifying Cream and 3 sprays of perfumes on my left arm and 3 sprays of perfumes only on my right arm. And honestly, to certain extent this beautifying cream does work but it doesn’t live up to my expectations.

On the right hand (which I apply perfume only), the scent completely gone within 2 – 2.5 hours. On the left hand (which has a layer of Beautifying Cream and perfume) the scent slightly changes into more ‘rounded’ and ‘voluptuous’ version and does stays longer for  full 3.5 – 4 hours before they gone. Bear in mind that even though it stays longer, the sillage is very minimum and close to the skin, you have to put your nose closely to be able to smell it.

So the bottom line, Is this cream worth it? If you want it and have the money to buy it, by all means go for it. But I believe any perfume would last longer on moisturized skin. No need special cream for that. Just slather some unscented lotion or petroleum jelly. That’s my opinion.

If you really want your perfume to last long, I recommend use shower gel and body lotion which comes from the same range as your perfume. Spray your perfume on your brush before you use it on your hair and spray some onto your clothes. If everything fails. Just re-spraying throughout the day.

Rp 510.000,- I got mine in L’occitane Boutique, Pacific Place Jakarta

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