Friday, February 20, 2015

NARS Matte Multiple in Anguilla

Hello everyone!

When NARS Matte Multiple launched about a year ago, I was scream inside with joy. Any self-proclaim NARS lovers know that their regular multiples are pretty but full of glitter/shimmer that’s not versatile enough for daily wear. NARS Matte Multiples deliver a modern matte hue for lips and cheek.

I got the color Anguilla which is described as ginger pink. It is light-medium pink that gives pale-skinned ladies a healthy dose of natural flush, like you’ve been frolicking in the snow or doing a brisk walk on a cool fresh air. Darker-skinned ladies might want to try brighter color such as Exumas (beautiful pink apricot), Laos (gorgeous rose coral), or Siam (stunning poppy red) since Anguilla will not show up quiet well on dark skin. Matte Multiple also can be worn on the lips. But due to the dry texture, I find it doesn't look really good. Stick to the cheek application instead.  

The texture is lovely, not oily like any other stick blusher. Applied easily on the skin and gives powdery velvety finish. It is matte but not completely thick, dry, or chalky. Since it doesn’t contain shimmer it doesn’t emphasize pores thus suitable for combination and oily skin. I will describe the pigmentation of Anguilla is medium sheer but you can build the color to the desired intensity. It you like better pigmentation; again I will suggest you try their darker color choices.

The bottom line is, this product is amazing. There was other color that I wanted to buy which is Cappadoce, but they were sold out everywhere! If you pass a NARS counter, I recommend you to try it. It is such a beautiful product.

*Price: Bath 1,700 (around Rp 663.000,- before 7% VAT reduction for tourist) at Sephora Siam Center. I got it when I was in Bangkok November 2014. Full Bangkok Beauty Haul kindly check this link

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