Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil

Hi all,
I would like to share with you my experience in using Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil. According to Clarins this product is purifying treatment oil that hydrates, tones and balances oily skin types. Clarins’ exclusive concentrate of Rosewood, Geranium and Lotus extracts tightens pores and refines the skin texture. Hazelnut Oil softens, soothes and seals in moisture to minimizes the appearance of fine lines. Non-staining. Preservative-free.

First of all, it has a clear glass bottle and dropper that dispense the product very well.  Since the bottle is clear, I recommend store this product in a dark and cool place to maintain the ingredients inside. The smell of the product itself is very distinctive. Herbal scent that smells soothing and natural.

To apply I place a few drops on my clean palm, warm it by rubbing both palm together and press into my skin. With that method I find the oil is absorb better than rubbing or massaging method. My skin surprisingly not greasy at all, just enough moisture balance, not to dry not to oily. I notice my pores getting a little finer and the blackheads are softer and easier to extract. Bottom line a very good facial oil for oily skin.

Price: Price: Rp 610.000,- I got mine at Sogo, Plaza Senayan, Jakarta


  1. its such good post ,feeling great here,I'm always looking for these type of articles,,thanks obagi skin treatment

    1. Nice to hear from you dear. Thanks for stopping by :)


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