Friday, January 29, 2016

MAC Blush Review and Swatches

Hi all,
Among so many makeup products, I have a particular fondness for blushes and lipsticks. My favorite brands for blush are Bobbi Brown, NARS, MAC, and Chanel. Today I will share with you my MAC blushes collection. Enjoy!

MAC has different type of blushes such as the regular Powder Blush, Pro Long Wear Blush, Cremeblend Blush, Cream Color Base, Mineralize Blush, and some limited edition items. Other than that, MAC regular Powder Blush has different finishes such as:

Frost: Iridescent, lightly shimmering color. Adds highlights: provides a frosted 'bloom' to the cheeks.
Matte: Flat matte finish. Goes on lightly. Builds well. Blends with the skin.
Satin: Light-refractive sheen-style finish. Adds subtle highlights to the skin.
Sheertone: Shy-on tints in a sheer-on micro-refined powder. Not transparent. Goes on faint. Looks real.
Sheertone Shimmer: Jet-milled and micro-fine, just like Sheertone, but tickled with just-enough shimmer to make light dance on the cheeks.

MAC Blushes are not created equal, even when they are in the same range of finish. Most are great, others not so much. I must say that I prefer Satin and Matte among any others. The sheertone formula has low pigmentation, it is buildable but I prefer something more practical in daily basis. I’m not a big fan of too shimmery cheek, so Frost and Sheertone Shimmer are not for me.

Coygirl Sheertone Blush (Discontinue)
This is my very first MAC blush. I have it for so long, I hit pan, and the lid is broken. It is a super sheer-medium coverage cool orchid tone that will look good on fair and light skin tone. It gives a porcelain baby doll effect. Apply lightly and add more until you get the desired intensity. Too much Coygirl will result in super bright bad 80’s makeup.

“Dame” (Satin)
It is described as “sophisticated blue-pink” on MAC website. Dame is definitely more wearable cool tone pink than Coygirl. It gives sheer to medium coverage and slight sheen to the cheek. A cool tone medium pink that works great as an everyday blush. 

“Fleur Power” (Satin)
For darker skin tone that prefers warmer pinky tone look no further than Fleur Power. It is describe as “soft bright pinky coral” on MAC website. Fleur Power is warm-tone pink coral blush that has a very good pigmentation. You can wear it sparingly to create healthy glow or add more to create bold look. I can see so many skin tones wearing this color.

“Dainty” (Mineralize Blush)
MAC Mineralize Blush is marbleized and shaped like a doom. It gives super sheer-to medium coverage and has a lot of fine shimmer in it. Dainty is described as “light yellow-pink with gold pearl”. I reach this blush when I want a peachy cheek.

There are some other MAC blushes that I would like to try in the future such as “Mocha” (Matte), Melba (Matte), Pro Longwear Blush in “Stubborn” and Mineralized Blush in “Gentle”. MAC regular powder blush priced at USD 22 on MAC Website and Rp 320.000,- at MAC Sogo Plaza Senayan/MAC Seibu Grand Indonesia/MAC Metro Pacific Place. What is your favorite MAC blush? Let me know in the comments below. Have a great day all.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

MAC Lipstick Comparison: Russian Red vs Ruby Woo

Hi all,
Today I would like to do an in-depth review on MAC two popular lipstick shades which are Russian Red vs Ruby Woo. To make everything clear I provide a side by side chart and swatches comparison. Enjoy!

Russian Red: It is described as “Intense Bluish Red”. Deep red with blue tone.
Ruby Woo: Describe as “Very Matte Vivid Blue-Red”. Bright red, warmer compared to Russian Red. It has a slight orange tone to it.

Russian Red: Matte. MAC Matte lipstick formula is not drying. They are still creamy and moisturizing.
Ruby Woo: Retro Matte. Drier than “Matte” formula. Tug on the lips, doesn’t glide on smoothly.

Russian Red: Moderate. Moves easily. Fades faster than Ruby Woo.
Ruby Woo: Long-lasting. Hard to come off.

Russian Red: Light vanilla-scented
Ruby Woo: Light vanilla-scented

Russian Red: Classic retro. Night-time look. Old-Hollywood glamour. Femme fatale.
Ruby Woo: Bright. Fun red. Day time red. Flirty pin-up.

So, which one to get? I personally prefer Ruby Woo since the color is more flattering on my NC25 skin. Ruby Woo gives me this bright red flirty look whereas Russian Red looks a little bit too mature and too retro for my liking. But both colors are beautiful and I recommend you to try them personally on MAC store.
Price: USD 17.00 on MAC website. Rp 280.000,- on MAC Sogo Plaza Senayan/MAC Seibu Grand Indonesia.  

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Review & Swatches: YSL Volupte Tint in Oil No. 8 “Pink About Me”

Hi everyone,

As promised on my December Haul , today I will do an in-depth review and swatches of YSL Volupte Tint in Oil No. 8 “Pink About Me”. It is one of my favorite beauty findings of 2015. Let’s get into it.

According to Sephora, this product described as a revolutionary lip color with a lip tint suspended in a deep conditioning oil. It is infused with a blend of apricot kernel oil, coriander fruit oil, jojoba seed oil, and possiflora edulis seed oil. I will describe this product as a hybrid between lip gloss and lip tint. Initially it applied glossy, after the glossiness gone it leaves a beautiful stain on the lip. 

Unlike heavy lip glosses that came from the 1990s to early 2000s, this YSL Tint in Oil is very light weight and non-sticky. When swatches on the back of my hand, the color “Pink About Me” is a sheer pink without shimmer and translate into more deep pink when applied on the lips. It has a faint fruity scent that I really like. It last about 2-3 hours on my lips before I have to re-apply. For someone who has chronic dry-flaky lips I will recommend to use lip balm prior the application. 

The packaging is gorgeous and luxurious, a traits that YSL beauty products famous for. Long silver tube with lip-shaped applicator that surprisingly works well for precise and uniform application. I can’t get enough of this product, I would love to try more color in the future. It was Rp 485.000,- I got mine at di Seibu, Grand Indonesia - Jakarta. 
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