Wednesday, January 13, 2016

MAC Lipstick Comparison: Russian Red vs Ruby Woo

Hi all,
Today I would like to do an in-depth review on MAC two popular lipstick shades which are Russian Red vs Ruby Woo. To make everything clear I provide a side by side chart and swatches comparison. Enjoy!

Russian Red: It is described as “Intense Bluish Red”. Deep red with blue tone.
Ruby Woo: Describe as “Very Matte Vivid Blue-Red”. Bright red, warmer compared to Russian Red. It has a slight orange tone to it.

Russian Red: Matte. MAC Matte lipstick formula is not drying. They are still creamy and moisturizing.
Ruby Woo: Retro Matte. Drier than “Matte” formula. Tug on the lips, doesn’t glide on smoothly.

Russian Red: Moderate. Moves easily. Fades faster than Ruby Woo.
Ruby Woo: Long-lasting. Hard to come off.

Russian Red: Light vanilla-scented
Ruby Woo: Light vanilla-scented

Russian Red: Classic retro. Night-time look. Old-Hollywood glamour. Femme fatale.
Ruby Woo: Bright. Fun red. Day time red. Flirty pin-up.

So, which one to get? I personally prefer Ruby Woo since the color is more flattering on my NC25 skin. Ruby Woo gives me this bright red flirty look whereas Russian Red looks a little bit too mature and too retro for my liking. But both colors are beautiful and I recommend you to try them personally on MAC store.
Price: USD 17.00 on MAC website. Rp 280.000,- on MAC Sogo Plaza Senayan/MAC Seibu Grand Indonesia.  


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